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What are the differences between the Standard Service Plan & Low Mileage Service Plan

Standard Servicing schedules allow service components to go to their full expected usage term, by either age or mileage (whichever occurs sooner).  However, following an extensive look at MG owner's lifestyles, we have seen that a significant proportion of MG drivers complete far less than the 15,000 annual allowance set between services.

Therefore in January 2021, we have introduced a new 'Low Mileage Service Plan' aimed at extending the life of service items which don't deteriorate with time, but do deteriorate with mileage.

So by extending the time between changes - on some scheduled service items - this allows us to reduce the cost of maintenance across the range, and therefore offer a much more cost effective service plan, for owners covering less than 10,000 miles per annnum.

Also through product improvement, from 2021, we have also lengthened the time required for coolant changes across both Standard and Low Mileage service schedules; from 4 years to 5 years - again helping to reduce the maintenance cost over a vehicles' lifecycle.

A full breakdown of each vehicle's schedules can be found here.

And if you are still unsure which plan is suitable for you, please contact your local MG Dealer or Authorised Repairer to discuss your options.